Jo is a Homes Tasmania tenant who lives with her partner Matthew and their foster child.
When Matthew was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer they applied to transfer to a more suitable house so that Matthew can get in home care and meets his changing accessibility needs.

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Jo is a Homes Tasmania tenant, who first applied for social housing twelve years ago following a period in her life when her mental health struggles led her to become homeless. During this period, she applied for and was allocated, social housing. She now lives with her partner Matthew, and their foster child.

In August 2022, Matthew was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and given 14 months to live. Matthew has exceeded this date after extensive treatment and trials, but as the cancer progresses, his mobility will be reduced and he will require additional accessibility support.

Jo contacted Homes Tasmania about Matthew’s diagnosis and their changing needs, and the team at the Rosny office provided Jo with the support and resources needed to apply for a transfer to another house.

“The house we were in wasn’t suitable for Matthew’s long term needs, so we applied for a transfer. If we had stayed where we were, he would have been house bound and eventually ended up in a nursing home. This means we would have been separated, which would have added additional stress and trauma to the situation,” Jo said.

“The team were helpful, listened to me and set realistic expectations due to the high demand for housing.”

Prioritisation for social housing (including transfers) considers the applicant’s circumstances, to determine their level of need and ensure that those in greatest need receive housing offers first. Once a transfer is approved, that person will go on the Housing Register. When people need to move urgently, such as Jo and Matthew, their needs become a priority.

Jo and Matthew’s transfer request was accepted in March 2023, allowing them to move into a more suitable home where Matthew will now be able to stay and get in home support. Having somewhere that meets Matthew’s changing accessibility needs creates a sense of security as they navigate the next steps of their journey together.

“It was a huge relief once we heard about the house It’s quiet and peaceful and is accessible or only needs small changes for it to work for what we will need,” she said.

“We know that we don’t have a lot of time together. Things are going to get difficult and having this place means that I’m not so worried and Matthew’s quality of life will be so much better.

“Having this house has taken so much of the burden and worry away. We have everything sorted for when Matthew does pass, so now we can just enjoy life together.

“I want to thank all the people who have helped us get to where we are and worked behind the scenes”.

To read more about our transfer policy visit Homes Tasmania - Transfers

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