Homes Tasmania is building more social and affordable housing opportunities and releasing land for residential development.

We acquire strategic land sites, including surplus government-owned and well-located private land, for development and sale to generate supply of affordable homes and achieve mixed-tenure developments within the community.

Subdivision development

Homes Tasmania currently has several subdivisions under development.

Find out more here about these subdivisions:

Land rezoning

Homes Tasmania is seeking approval under the Housing Land Supply Act 2018 to rezone several sites for affordable housing developments.

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Read more about how to have your say on Housing Land Supply Orders

Completed subdivisions

Have a look at two completed subdivisions in the North-West Coast:

Wragg Street, Somerset

The 17-lot Wragg Street in Somerset was released to the market on 15 June 2018. Two lots were retained by Homes Tasmania to develop homes for older persons, 15 lots were sold on the open market including two lots to a disability support service.

Eveline subdivision, Devonport

The 22-lot Eveline subdivision in Devonport was released to market on 11 December 2017. Four lots were retained by Homes Tasmania, four lots were sold for affordable home ownership and the remaining 15 lots were sold privately.