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Background to the Housing Connect reform

Housing Connect is Tasmania’s entry point to housing assistance and support and helps people in need into safe and secure accommodation.

Housing Connect was implemented in 2013 with the intention of reviewing and maturing the system after several years.

Read more about the Housing Connect system here.

During 2018-19, the Brotherhood of St Laurence Research and Policy Centre (BSL) was engaged to review and provide recommendations to improve the way the Housing Connect system enables Tasmanians in housing crisis to build their capabilities and opportunities to find and keep a safe and affordable home and live a good life.

The review reflected on the range of structural, community, familial and individual issues affecting homelessness, but emphasised the root cause of homelessness in Australia is income poverty and disadvantage.

Changing poverty and disadvantage is possible through more effective government policy and service models and community action.

It involves increasing the supply of housing that meets a range of household types and life stages, while reducing demand by building people’s capabilities and their capacity to live independently and have a good life.

Housing Connect 2.0 will inform housing supply under the Tasmanian Housing Strategy and will drive new and improved ways of increasing access and providing support for Tasmanians needing housing assistance.

Overview of Housing Connect 2.0

BSL’s recommendations were endorsed by the Housing Connect Partners Group in 2019 and form the basis of a multi-year reform project to establish Housing Connect 2.0.

The Housing Connect Reform Steering Committee was established in 2019 to oversee the reform project. The membership of this committee comprises the existing partner’s group, representatives from crisis accommodation providers and Homes Tasmania, and an independent chairperson.

Housing Connect 2.0 has been co-designed by the sector and Homes Tasmania.

Read more about the major changes under Housing Connect 2.0 and see below for all the Housing Connect Reform communiques.

Housing Connect reform governance

Steering Committee

This committee is responsible for strategic decision making. An independent chair was essential to enable shared leadership and shared responsibility for the introduction of the new system.


  • Tracy Matthews (chair)
  • Harvey Lennon
  • Noel Mundy
  • Dianne Underwood
  • Julia Mangan
  • Ben Moroney
  • Jessemy Stone
  • Jane Gaetani-Black
  • Janet Saunders
  • Dee Healey
  • Ros Atkinson
  • Pattie Chugg
  • Ben Moroney
  • Stephen Hill

Partners Group

The Partners Group provides operational advice to the steering committee and implements strategic reform decisions within Housing Connect services.


  • Tracy Matthews (Chair)
  • Jed Donoghue
  • Noel Mundy
  • John Stubley
  • Danny Sutton
  • Ben Wilson

Community Practice

This group provides operational advice to the Partners Group and Homes Tasmania and supervises practice for consistency and continual improvement.

It is made up of representatives from specialist homelessness support services, social housing providers, peak bodies and Homes Tasmania.

Homes Tasmania

Manages the social housing system, sets policy, administers funding and provides program management.

  • Jessemy Stone

Housing Connect communiques