Improving the Housing Connect system

Housing Connect is Tasmania’s entry point to housing assistance and support and helps people in need find safe, affordable and secure accommodation.

Homes Tasmania is improving the Housing Connect system to deliver better access to housing assistance, helping people develop strong connections to family and community and building their capabilities for independent living.

Housing Connect 2.0 has been co-designed by Homes Tasmania and the housing and homelessness sector and includes four major changes:

  1. More ways and places for people to get the help they need to find, and keep, safe, affordable and appropriate housing.
  2. Services and supports that are shaped for each person’s individual circumstances and life stage.
  3. Actions to increase the range of housing assistance options.
  4. Skilled and supported staff delivering an Advantaged Thinking approach to providing support to people seeking help.

Housing Connect 2.0 will also inform housing supply under the Tasmanian Housing Strategy 2023-2043 and will drive new and improved ways of increasing access and providing support for Tasmanians needing housing assistance.

Read more about the major changes under Housing Connect 2.0 and see below for all the Housing Connect reform communiques.

Transition to Housing Connect 2.0

Housing Connect 2.0 is being implemented in two stages:

Stage 1 includes the rollout of the new service model from 1 July 2024, delivering tailored, personalised support to people in need of housing assistance. It also includes a range of new roles to help people reach their housing goals, including:

  • Connections coaches who will connect people experiencing housing crisis and stress to community supports and resources, to build their capabilities to live independently.
  • Key development coaches who will provide intensive support to help people with problems that can be overwhelming and get in the way of finding and keeping a home.

Stage 2 includes the introduction of a new website with two components:

  • a user-friendly website where people can find information and apply for assistance, and
  • an IT system for Housing Connect staff that will provide an efficient and effective information management system to support the new services.

Further updates on stage 2 will be available here.

Homes Tasmania has produced a range of fact sheets to help guide Housing Connect staff during the transition to Housing Connect 2.0:

A comprehensive Housing Connect 2.0 Practice Framework that details the improved service model for staff can be downloaded here.

Read about the background and co-design of the Housing Connect 2.0 model here.

Housing Connect reform updates

Regular updates on the Housing Connect reform are available here.