A new subdivision in Park Grove will deliver around 55 new social and affordable housing lots during 2025.

Homes Tasmania is committed to increasing social and affordable housing and releasing land for residential development.

The new lots of land will initially be made available for affordable home purchase under the MyHome shared equity program.

MyHome helps eligible Tasmanians buy their own homes by reducing the upfront costs and the ongoing mortgage repayments.

Find out more about how MyHome helps eligible Tasmanians buy their own homes.


The 6.25 ha site at the rear of 16-20 Mooreville Road, Park Grove, Burnie, was transferred from the Department for Education, Children and Young People in 2022 under a Housing Land Supply Order.

View the Burnie land release subdivision concept plan.

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Community session

Homes Tasmania held an information session where the community could drop in and talk with members of the project team on Tuesday, 14 February 2023, from 2 pm – 6 pm at the former North West Coast UTAS campus building, 16-20 Mooreville Road, Burnie.

What we heard

Around 25 members of the community attended the information session.

The key issues raised and discussed with the project team were:

  • Opportunities to buy land to build a new home and the assistance available with the MyHome shared equity program.
  • The provision of high-quality public open space and recreational areas with amenities such as eating areas and opportunities for play are important to community members.
  • The future of the large trees on the site and proposed landscaping plans for the site was important to community members.
  • Declining property values due to broader economic conditions, such as increases in interest rates, slow wages growth and cost of living pressures, were concerning members of the community.
  • The location and density of social housing to be provided in the subdivision should be of high quality, good design, and consistent with community expectations, including liveable, inclusive communities.
  • Although neighbours are advised in writing of proposals to rezone land under the Housing Land Supply Act 2018, many people are not aware of the process.
  • Some community members prefer lower-density living while other community members preferred medium-density developments to improve housing affordability and options to meet different needs, such as down-sizing and first home ownership.
  • Some community members expressed interest in the future of the former UTAS building and surrounding land, which is not part of the proposed Homes Tasmania development.
  • Issues managed by the local Council, such as stormwater drainage, the capacity of Cooee Creek and remediation of existing wetland areas and weed removal, were areas of interest for some community members.
  • New residential developments come with increased vehicle traffic, in this case along Mills Road to the Mooreville Road junction, which is supported by the project traffic impact assessment.

Information about some of these issues can be found in the frequently asked questions fact sheet for the Burnie land release.

We welcome your feedback on this project. You can submit your feedback, or offer a suggestion to us by completing our feedback form.

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