Homes Tasmania corporate plan

As required under the Ministerial Statement of Expectations, the Homes Tasmania Board will prepare a corporate plan each year (covering a three-year outlook) which will outline:

  • Homes Tasmania’s objectives, policies and programs
  • the strategies and targets for achieving those objectives and
  • Homes Tasmania’s financial plans.

Read the Homes Tasmania corporate plan 2023-2026.

Homes Tasmania annual report

The Homes Tasmania Board will prepare an annual report at the end of each financial year that will detail the Authority’s performance in relation to its corporate plan.

Read the Homes Tasmania Annual Report 2022-23.

Tasmanian Housing Strategy

The whole-of-government, 20-year Tasmanian Housing Strategy (the Strategy) sets an ambitious vision to end homelessness by guiding the Tasmanian Government’s housing plan to deliver a net increase of 10 000 social and affordable homes by 2032 and delivering increased capacity in the private market.

Read more about the Tasmanian Housing Strategy.

Tasmania’s Affordable Housing Strategy

Tasmania's Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025 has been replaced by the Tasmanian Housing Strategy.

For background, read more in:

Tasmanian Affordable Housing Strategy 2015-2025.

Affordable Housing Action Plan 2019-2023 (Action Plan 2)

Affordable Housing Action Plan 2015-2019 (Action Plan 1)

Progress against targets is outlined in the housing dashboard.

Housing dashboard

The housing dashboard report was provided by the former Department of Communities Tasmania.

Dashboard reports are available here until a new framework that will report on Homes Tasmania’s performance, including the delivery of our commitments under the Tasmanian Housing Strategy, is developed.