Housing Connect

Housing Connect is the entry point for assistance for people who are experiencing homelessness or are in housing need, from crisis accommodation to a long-term home.

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Diagram showing process from Short-term accommodation and support to Social housing to Affordable housing

Crisis accommodation and support

Crisis accommodation and material support is available for people in a housing crisis. It may include a shelter placement (in crisis or transitional accommodation), brokered accommodation in a hotel, motel or caravan park, or an overnight bed in a Safe Space facility.

Crisis accommodation is available for young people, women with or without children, men with or without children, and families.

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Social housing

Social housing is a type of affordable and secure rental housing for Tasmanians on low incomes provided independently or with support. It is allocated to Tasmanians in need, for the duration of need and in accordance with the Residential Tenancy Act 1997. Rents are calculated based on 25 per cent of the household’s income up to a maximum of market rent.

Social housing is properties provided for independent living by either Homes Tasmania or community housing providers. Social housing provided by community housing organisations is eligible for Commonwealth Rent Assistance.

Social housing includes:

  • specialist disability accommodation and disability accommodation for NDIS participants
  • housing for children and young people in statutory care and their guardians
  • and housing for people recovering from episodic mental health issues who are transitioning out of inpatient care back into the community.

Read more in the social housing policy.

Supported accommodation is long-term accommodation in a communal setting and where a board is charged that includes meals and utilities. Youth2Independence (Y2I) is supported accommodation that helps young people aged 16-24 become independent by participating in education and training.

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Aboriginal housing in Tasmania is a type of social housing. A dedicated portfolio of Aboriginal housing properties is available for eligible Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people in Tasmania. Aboriginal housing properties in Tasmania are owned by Homes Tasmania and are managed by various social housing providers. Social housing providers in Tasmania are defined in the social housing policy.

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Backyard units are a type of social housing that is available to large tenant households with young household members aged between 15 and 25 years.

Read more in the backyard units policy.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing provides assistance to make private rental and home ownership achievable. It includes affordable land, affordable private rentals and affordable home ownership.

Homes Tasmania acquires strategic land sites for development and sale to supply affordable land and affordable home ownership opportunities.

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Affordable private rental

Assistance is available to Tasmanians in the private rental market with private rent assistance and the private rental incentives program. Private rent assistance helps eligible people on low incomes to cover the cost of paying their rent, paying a bond or moving costs in the private rental market.

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The private rental incentives program encourages property owners to make their homes available for affordable rent to low-income households with low or no support needs.

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Rapid rehousing provides housing assistance in the private rental market to people in need, including those affected by family violence.

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Affordable home ownership

If you are on a low or moderate income, assistance is available to buy a house with the MyHome shared equity program. MyHome reduces the cost of buying or building a home. Some Homes Tasmania properties are also for sale to any purchasers on the open market.

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