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Housing Connect 2.0

Improving how we provide housing assistance.

Under Housing Connect 2.0, Tasmanians will get better access to housing assistance and help to develop strong connections to family and community and build their capabilities for independent living.

There will be four major changes.

1. More help

Housing Connect 2.0 will provide more ways and places to get housing assistance.


A dedicated online portal will make it easier and more convenient for people to find information and apply for services.

It will give people in need more choice about how, where and when they reach out for help.

More places to get help

In addition to the Housing Connect offices in the North, South and North-West, there will be more places to get housing assistance, including:

  • information kiosks in community services
  • a mobile response that travels to people who cannot get to a service
  • housing assistance co-located with other services such as Safe Spaces and youth hubs.

Comprehensive assessment

People accessing services will get a more thorough assessment to understand their needs, skills and potential and help match them to the best housing and support options for them.

2. Personalised support

Housing Connect 2.0 will provide services shaped for each person’s individual circumstances and life stage.

Connections coaches will provide the comprehensive assessment and will connect people experiencing housing crisis and stress to community supports and resources, to build their capabilities to live independently.

Key development coaches will provide intensive support to help with problems that can be overwhelming and get in the way of finding and keeping a home.

Tenancy support in social housing will be provided by Tasmania’s five major social housing providers – Homes Tasmania, Community Housing Limited, Housing Choices Tasmania, Centacare Evolve Housing and Mission Australia Housing – to help people keep stable housing and reduce the risk of homelessness.

Advantaged Thinking is a way of working with people that recognises that each person:

  • has opportunities and resources that can be developed
  • has the right to make their own decisions
  • should be supported to work through the things that have limited them, all so they can enjoy a good life.

3. Informing supply

Housing Connect 2.0’s focus on life stages and circumstances will also focus actions to increase housing assistance options.

New look, new supply

Increasing the range of supported and homelessness accommodation options for people in crisis and focusing on new supply that addresses population-level demand, including life stage, household type, circumstances and key population groups, eg family violence, mental health, and those exiting statutory care.

4. Skilled and supported staff

Housing Connect 2.0 will develop new tools and training in Advantaged Thinking practice.

A statewide community of practice will be formed to consolidate and refine new ways of working.

Better data collection and evaluation will be used to assess and support ongoing improvements in practice and the Housing Connect 2.0 service model.

Housing Connect 2.0 has been designed with and by Housing Connect services based on their learnings and advice and evidence-based practice.