Homes Tasmania is providing more appropriate, housing for Tasmanians living with disability by delivering Special Intensive Support Unit (SISU) across the state.

Almost 27 per cent of Tasmanians live with a disability compared to almost 18 per cent nationally.

We recently completed the Launceston SISU, which is the second to be completed and is the second of four SISU sites being delivered around the state.

The first SISU was completed in East Devonport earlier this year, and the other two sites are planned for Kingston and New Town.

SISU provide a home for two NDIS participants with high support needs as well as their support staff.

The SISU layout is a two-bedroom group-style home, that provides separation of the two living quarters via a common overview area that will house support staff.

The design allows for a sense of independent supported living with the two one-bedroom wings containing all associated facilities and is appropriate for people with disability who have high needs.

We are committed to working with and supporting people with disability, the people who support and advocate for them, and the wider community, to build a more equitable, inclusive, and accessible state for all Tasmanians.

Addressing the housing needs of Tasmanians living with a disability is a key focus of the Tasmanian Housing Strategy Action Plan.

The housing needs of Tasmanians living with disability will be addressed by:

  • Delivering an additional 2 000 social homes by 2027 including more accessible homes that meet gold liveability standards.
  • Building all new social housing dwellings in line with Homes Tasmania’s Design Policy for Social Housing, ensuring they met liveable housing design guidelines and universal design principles so they can be easily modified to meet the changing needs of households.
  • Developing a plan for the future of specialist disability accommodation in the Homes Tasmania portfolio for people with extreme functional impairment and very high needs.
  • Adhering to the liveable design provisions in the National Construction Code which mandates that all new builds from 1 October 2024 must meet liveable design provisions meaning they are accessible and adaptable for people with disability.

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