“The world expects a lot of young people, and I think they feel that, especially young people who are vulnerable and been through a lot."

Tully is the Youth Housing Coordinator at Colville Place and works with young people and their families towards achieving safe and sustainable housing outcomes. Colville Place is a crisis shelter for young people aged 12-15 years, who are at risk of or experiencing homelessness, providing accommodation for up to nine young people at a time.

“We work with young people from all different backgrounds and circumstances,” she said.

“There are so many reasons why a young person might access our services, and some might come in for a night, others stay for a few weeks.”

Colville Place supports young people by focusing on early intervention and prevention. The service aims to support young people to develop their current skills and abilities; to make connections within the community; to reunify with family, to obtain long term, sustainable housing; and to reach their full potential.

“All the young people are amazing, and it can be a challenging space, but there is a lot of joy here and we get to do a lot of cool activities and celebrate the small wins such as learning how to do your own washing, cook a meal, things that help support the young people to gain independence,” she said.

The team at Colville Place help young people to engage and access the services and support they need.

“We build relationships and rapport with the young people and let them know they are being heard. Everything we do is with the young people, not making decisions for them,” she said.

“Young people need safe adults and people they can rely on. We help foster and strengthen relationships with safe people in the young person’s life.

“Ultimately, we want young people to find those stable supports and not need our services again, but we are always here to support and prepared for intake.”

Colville Place has been operated by Colony 47 for the last five years and is funded by Homes Tasmania.

Read more about Colville Place and the services offered by Colony 47 by visiting Colville Place | Colony 47

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