Homes Tasmania is continuing to provide services designed to specifically meet the needs of those affected by homelessness across the State.

Photo by Rob Burnett

Marram Place includes seven single-bedroom units and one three-bedroom apartment for a dad with up to three kids.

Marram Place, a men’s shelter based in Devonport, has officially opened and is the first of its kind on the North-West Coast and provides crucial wraparound services to vulnerable men.

The facility addresses a service gap in the region and provides accommodation in a home-like environment men, with or without children, who are homeless.

The two-storey facility includes seven single-bedroom units with ensuites, as well as two living rooms, a kitchen, courtyards, a gym and two interview rooms.

A separate three-bedroom apartment will accommodate a father with up to four children aged 0 to 18 years.

The main building includes a separate bedroom for a staff member to allow a 24/7 presence at the site.

Marram Place

Providing support to people in need is support is a dedicated focus in the first Action Plan 2023-2027 in our 20-year Tasmanian Housing Strategy.

Responding to Tasmanians who need support includes:

  • Develop a Housing First approach to addressing primary homeless in Tasmania.
  • Deliver improvements to Housing Connect services to improve access to information and supports for Tasmanians seeking housing assistance.
  • Delivering an additional 2 000 social homes by 2027, which will reduce overall wait times on the Housing Register and provide stable, long-term accommodation for more Tasmanians who are either experiencing or at risk of homelessness.
  • Including crisis and transitional accommodation in the provisions of a new ‘meanwhile use’ framework so buildings that sit idle awaiting future development can be used for interim accommodation.

For more information on the Tasmanian Housing Strategy visit the Tasmanian Housing Strategy website.

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