Community Housing Growth Program round one

The Community Housing Growth Program (CHGP) round one funded the construction of 1 000 social housing dwellings as part of Tasmania’s social and economic recovery from COVID-19.

These new social housing units will be delivered by the end of 2024.

New dwellings will be built in at least 24 Local Government Areas*, providing homes for those who need them most and underpinning jobs in every region of the state.

Overview of new social housing supply

Housing delivered

1 000 new homes

Delivery partner

Non-Government Organisations

Local Government Areas


Funding investment (excluding land contribution)

$120.6 M

Total capital investment

$236.4 M

Total economic benefit

$685.5 M

Building and construction sector jobs

1 700


End 2024

A ground lease will be used to secure public assets, delivering more social housing for Tasmanians and improving the viability of community housing.

For more information on the location of projects and the ground lease model please read the Community Housing Growth Program - New Social Housing Supply and Ground Lease Model fact sheet.

*Please note the location and density of new supply is determined based on projects in their initial stage of assessment and planning. Minor variations can be anticipated where sites are further assessed as unsuitable or unable to support proposed yield or if contracts to purchase land are unable to proceed for any reason. Every effort will be made to substitute projects within the same municipality.