Fact sheet - Bedroom entitlement

Bedroom entitlement

How many bedrooms do I need?

The type of social housing home you need, and the number of bedrooms, will depend on the number of people who live with you. Housing Connect will look at the age and gender of your children when working out how many bedrooms you need. Girls and boys may need their own room as they get older.

Table showing the number of people per bedrooms. More information in caption.

This table is a guide only. Housing Connect will talk to you about your needs.

The priority is to offer you a home

In Tasmania, there are people waiting for social housing. We will always try to offer you a home that suits your needs. But sometimes it is better to offer you a home that doesn’t perfectly suit your needs, instead of keeping you on the waiting list for a longer time. You can't swap homes with another tenant. However, you can apply for a transfer. There are rules about transferring so it won’t happen quickly or at all. Please talk to us if you are unsure.

Read more about transfers here.

What if my needs are different?

Some people need more or fewer bedrooms than others. For example, someone might need an extra room because they have a disability or medical condition or they might have shared care of children. Housing Connect will work with you to assess your needs.

Graeme’s story

Graeme has a physical disability that requires around the clock care. He wanted to move out from living with his parents, so he applied for social housing. He needs to have a spare room for his carer to stay in overnight. That’s why, even though he’s single, he was given a two-bedroom home.