Who is responsible for replacement of broken glass?

This information is about glass that forms part of the structure of the property, such as windows, doors and screens.

The tenant is responsible for replacing glass that is broken as a result of the careless or deliberate actions of the tenant, a member of the tenant’s household or a visitor to the tenant’s home.

Homes Tasmania is responsible for replacing glass that is broken as a result of an accident, or the illegal actions of another person.

Examples of careless breakages: allowing children or others to play ball games near windows or the tenant not taking due care when moving furniture.

Examples of deliberate breakages: the tenant, household member or visitor punching out a window because they are angry or breaking a window or glass panel in order to gain entry to the house.

Examples of accidental breakages: a branch blows off a tree in a storm and breaks a window or a person slips and falls in the bathroom and cracks the shower screen.

Examples of illegal breakages: a burglar breaks a window to gain entry to the house or the tenant ‘s violent ex-partner throws a rock through a window.

What must a tenant do when glass is broken?

The tenant must:

  • Immediately remove all broken glass, including broken glass from window frames and dispose of it safely, by wrapping it in newspaper and putting it in a garbage bin.
  • If necessary, the tenant must take steps to temporarily repair the breakage and to make the property secure and weatherproof. This may involve temporarily covering the opening with a suitable material such as clear plastic, hard-board, pine-board or timber.
  • Arrange for the broken glass to be repaired and replaced within 14 days from the breakage.
  • If the breakage Homes Tasmania’s responsibility, the tenant must notify Homes Tasmania of the breakage within seven days.
  • If the breakage was caused by the illegal actions of another person, the tenant must report the offence to the Police, make a statement to the Police and ask for a Police Report Number. This can be either an offence report or an incident report.

When does Homes Tasmania replace broken glass?

Homes Tasmania will replace broken glass when:

  • When the breakage was due to a natural or unforeseen event that the tenant could not prevent (accident).
  • The breakage resulted from illegal actions of another party and a current and valid Police Report Number has been provided to Homes Tasmania by the tenant.
  • When relevant authorities have broken glass while responding to an emergency.
  • The tenant has not replaced broken glass within 14 days of the breakage, and the breakage poses a risk to the safety and/or health of persons or risk of damage to the property.

When Homes Tasmania replaces glass and the tenant is responsible for the breakage, Homes Tasmania charges the tenant in full for the cost of replacement and any associated repairs.


When a tenant cannot provide a Police Report Number and Homes Tasmania is satisfied that the breakage was caused by exceptional circumstances beyond the tenant’s control, then we may exercise discretion to have the breakage repaired and reduce or remove the charges.

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