Offering you a home - plain English

Offering you a home - easy English

When you apply for social housing, your details will go on the housing register.

We will contact you when a home becomes available that may be right for you. At that time, we need to talk to you to make sure your circumstances have not changed. The people with the most urgent housing need are generally offered a home first.

Before we can offer you a home

When we talk to you, we will check that:

  • you still have the same number of people in your household
  • your income is at the right level for us to offer you a home
  • you and the members of your household don't have financial assets worth more than $35 000. Financial assets include things such as shares, property and money in the bank. They don't include things such as your car or your household items.

Keeping your information up to date

Most people who need social housing have an assessment with Housing Connect. Housing Connect can work out what kind of housing you need and can help you if your circumstances change.

If your circumstances change while you are waiting for a home, you need to let Housing Connect know. It is important that all of your information is kept up to date. This will help us match you to a home that suits your needs.

Checking your application

Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis. Before we contact you to offer you a home, we check your history as a tenant. This includes:

  • whether you have lived in a Homes Tasmania home before
  • the condition of the last home you lived in when you left
  • if you have rejected any of the homes we offered you – and the reasons you rejected them
  • any money that you owe
  • if you are bankrupt
  • if you own any other property
  • if you have more than one application for housing with us
  • how much you are currently earning
  • who can use social housing
  • signing a lease
  • paying the rent
  • your personal information
  • transferring to another home.

For more information contact Housing Connect

Phone: 1800 800 588, 24 hours, seven days per week.

Office hours and locations.