Fact sheet - If you are a migrant or refugee

If you are a migrant or refugee

Most people who arrive in Tasmania as a refugee or humanitarian entrant will be receiving some support from a community organisation. They will help you settle into our community. If you do not have this kind of support, Housing Connect can help you. You may need to wait to get a home.

If you are a refugee including visa subclasses 200, 201, 202, 203 and 201, you are a permanent resident.

If you are a migrant

If you are a migrant, the usual rules about who can use social housing apply. We also suggest that you talk to Housing Connect.

If you are a sponsored migrant

Sponsored migrants cannot use social housing. This is because your sponsor must help you to live here for two years. Your sponsor must pay for your accommodation or a place to live and your day-to-day expenses, like food and clothing.

Who can use social housing?

Social housing is for people who are in need of housing support. Housing Connect will help you work out if you can use social housing.

If you want to apply to live in social housing you must:

  • live in Tasmania
  • be an Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • be 16 years or older
  • be a low-income earner who is eligible for a Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • not own land or a home of your own
  • not have financial assets worth more than $35 000. This includes things like shares, property and money in the bank. This amount includes your assets and the assets of any other people who live in your household. It does not include things like your car or your household items.

Malika’s story

Malika moved to Tasmania last year from Afghanistan. Her uncle, Amir, sponsored her to move here. She wants to move out on her own. But she cannot move into a social housing home. She is not eligible. She must live in Tasmania for two years before she can apply. When she applies, she will go on the waiting list.