Fact sheet - If you live interstate

If you live interstate

Can I apply for a home in Tasmania?

It is not possible to apply for a home or transfer to a social housing property if you live interstate. You must be a resident of Tasmania when you apply. Social housing is managed separately in each state. They all have different eligibility criteria and ways of managing waiting lists.

Once you are living in Tasmania, Housing Connect can help you to access a safe, secure and affordable home for you and your family and help you get the support you need. Housing Connect can help you access the right housing option for you, including social housing, private rental or home ownership.

It is important that you make other accommodation arrangements before coming to Tasmania to live. Don’t rely on getting a social housing home as soon as you arrive. If Housing Connect assess you as having a housing need, you will have to wait for a home.

Social housing properties

Tasmanian residents can access social housing properties by meeting the eligibility criteria. This means that you must:

  • live in Tasmania, not another state or territory
  • be an Australian citizen
  • be a permanent resident including refugee visa subclasses 200, 201, 202, 203 and 204
  • be 16 years or older
  • be a low-income earner who is eligible for a Commonwealth Health Care Card
  • not own land or a home of your own
  • not have financial assets worth more than $35 000. This includes things such as shares, property and money in the bank. This amount includes your assets and the assets of any other people who live in your household. It does not include things such as your car or your household items.

You may be considered a Tasmanian resident if your income source is within Tasmania and you have a Tasmanian contact address. Applicants must be Australian citizens or have been granted permanent residency status, or have applied for permanent residency status. Note that accommodation will not be offered until permanent status has been granted.

You may choose to receive social housing offers for properties managed by any of the social housing providers in Tasmania. Housing Connect will discuss your housing and support options with you.

How quickly will I be housed once I apply?

The social housing system aims to address housing stress experienced by clients with low incomes. People with the greatest need will generally be assisted first.

You will have your housing and support needs assessed through Housing Connect. Once your housing need and eligibility has been established, your application may be placed on the Housing Register.

Housing Register

Applicants on the Housing Register must wait to be allocated a suitable home.

Applications are either Priority or General. Priority applicants are assessed as having the most urgent housing need and are generally housed first.

Factors that may affect your wait time for housing assistance include:

  • the number of suitable vacant homes that become available and how many social housing properties there are in your nominated area (ie there may be limited stock)
  • the number of approved applicants looking for the same type of property in the suburbs you want to live (ie a popular area that has high demand and low turnover)
  • how many social housing providers you nominate to receive offers from
  • the number of people approved for priority housing who are placed on the list above you.


Discretion may be applied to your application for housing assistance and/or support at the time of your assessment with Housing Connect. For example, discretion may be applied if Housing Connect received an interstate application where family violence is a serious risk factor.